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This Field Tooling section contains four specific tools as tools developed by CAST Consulting, consolidating practices to operate CAST AIP:

  • Jenkins Integration  based  based on Jenkins automation server providing the framework to allow automated CAST AIP rescans.
  • Analysis operations Portal - AOP an online portal used to monitor and manage application rescans and also used for Validation check.
  • Application Delivery Portal - ADP  an online technical survey portal used to record technical information about the application and also to trigger rescans.
  • Offline Smell Test - OST  a collection of tests to be executed after Transaction Configuration is completed.  There are two specific smell test checks plus other checks useful for a second level of investigation.


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Field Tooling Compatibility Testing

The compatibility table below shows which version have been tested together.

8.3.15, 8.3.16CSS31.5 Build #92.187 Build #82.22.80
8.3.5CSS33.53.51.5 Build #82.22.80
8.3.5CSS33.43.41.5 Build #72.22.80
8.3.4CSS33.33.31.5 Build #62.22.80
8.2.11CSS33.33.31.5 Build #62.22.80
8.3.4CSS33.33.31.5 Build #52.22.80
8.2.11CSS33.33.31.5 Build #52.22.80
8.3.3CSS33.33.31.5 Build #42.22.80
8.3.3CSS33.33.31.5 Build #42.12.80
8.2.8CSS23.33.31.5 Build #
8.2.9CSS23.23.21.5 build #32.12.80
8.2.9CSS23.21.5 build #22.12.80
8.2.4CSS23.11.5 build # 1 2.2.80
8.2.4CSS23.01.4 build # 232.01.625
8.2.4CSS22. build # 232.01.625