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Summary: This document provides technical information about the extension called DMT Framework Scanner (com.castsoftware.dmtxmlscanner).

Extension ID


What's new?

Please see DMT Framework Scanner 1.2 - Release Notes for more information.


Source file scannerScans file extensions only as defined in the .config files named <technology>_language.config and analyzer.config
XML scannerScans only XML files as defined in the .config files named framework_<type>.config
  • If you have existing packages:
    • and this extension (nor its predecessor the DMT XML Scanner 1.0) have been installed before, then both discoverers will not be automatically activated (i.e. ticked). If you would like to benefit from the information provided by the extension in the Source Code Delivery report, please enable them before the next package action.
    • and the extension's predecessor (DMT XML Scanner 1.0) has been installed before, then the XML scanner discoverer will be ticked, but the Source file scanner will not.
  • For all packages created after the installation of the extension, both discoverers will be automatically activated (i.e. ticked).