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You can find a full list of rules delivered with this extension here:

Technical notes

AngularJS Service objects and Transactions

AngularJS Service objects are not considered by CAST AIP as being part of any transaction (they are considered as technical function points). Instead, the AngularJS Service's functions are considered to be part of the transaction. Therefore when looking at the results of an AngularJS analysis, links to the AngularJS Service's functions should be checked to ensure that the expected transactions exist. Transactions within AngularJS are ALWAYS from functions or methods to functions or methods (objects which are executable).

Avoid using unsanitized AngularJS application (1020546)


In this section we list the most significant functional limitations that may affect the analysis of applications using AngularJS:

AngularJS objects declared with prototypes

The extension does not detect AngularJS objects when they are declared with prototype. For example:

Code Block
xxx.service('ContentService', ['$rootScope', '$window', '$resource', '$q', '$log', 'ManageContentURIs', attContent.content]);

attContent.content.prototype.retrieveContent = function(criteria, useStubs) {
var useStub = useStubs?useStubs:false;
var deferred = this.q.defer(),

Structured constants

Structured constants are not supported and associated links will not be resolved. For example, a service calls a constant to make a POST via a URL:

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