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Target audience:

CAST Administrators

Summary: Information about the C and C++ File Discoverer 1.1.x for the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. This extension is a file discoverer.


CAST highly recommends that you use using the CPP Compilation Database Discoverer extension instead of the C and C++ File Discoverer where possible.

The CPP Compilation Database Discoverer extension detects projects based on the presence of specific build compilation output files and their content. It can be used in conjunction with:

Extension ID


What's new?

Please see: C and Cpp File Discoverer - 1.1 - Release Notes for more information.

Extension description


  • File extensions that are taken into account by the C and C++ File Discoverer are now taken directly from the CAST AIP language definition, rather than being hard coded in the discoverer itself.
  • The following file extensions are now taken into account:
    • C files: *.c, *.pc, *.ppc
    • C++ files: *.cpp, *.cc, *.cxx
  • NO project will be created when at least one Microsoft C/C++ .vcproj or .vcxproj project definition file definition is identified in any location under the root path (including recursive sub-folders).


AIP Core compatibility

This extension is compatible with:

CAST AIP Core release
8.0.x(tick)7.3.5 and all higher 7.3.x releases(tick)

Download and installation instructions

Please see: 

  • This extension contains a File discoverer and you should take note of the specific instructions in the installation guide that explains how to package your source code with the CAST Delivery Manager Tool when you have an existing Version.
  • The latest release status of this extension can be seen when downloading it from the CAST Extend server.