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Message Level



Unable to access list of system functions implied in diags (strcpy, gets...). Some of these diags could be inconsistent.

The analyzer cannot access the list of system functions.


The result of the analysis will be corrupt.

Contact Support.

Flag 'recursive' has been set for include path 'PATH'. This flag is generally useless and this is generally an error to set it.

The order defined for the included files is not correct.


The result of the analysis will be corrupt.

Remove the "recursive" flag.

File <name of the file> has no executable code.

The files only contain function definitions, macros or comments.


The result of the analysis may be corrupt.

Check the analysis configuration.

"[Parser] XXX: Single operand or parenthesized expression expected."

"[Parser] XXX:  Nonstandard untyped declaration, "int" assumed."

"[Parser] XXX: Ignored token 'XXX'"

"[Parser] XXX: Variable has already a name"
Generally these type of messages are not blocking and usually mean that a defined macro or a header file is missing.WarningPotentially missing links.Check the analysis configuration and the delivered source code.