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Target audience:

Users of the extension providing C and C++ analysis support.


Summary: This section provides more detail about the support for specific C and C++ technologies and the way in which the C/C++ Analyzer extension handles them.


C++ 11 normalization is partially supported in the C/C++ Analyzer embedded in CAST AIP. Support currently includes:

  • Lambda expressions
  • "auto" and "decltype" keywords
  • Trailing return types for functions ( auto foo (int x, int y) -> returnType; )
  • "override" and "final" keywords
  • Scoped enums
  • RValue Reference

  • Other miscellaneous  features (nullptr, static_assert, noexcept, …)
CAST recommends using the C and Cpp Analyzer extension which supports up to C++ 17 normalization.

Custom dependencies between C/C++ and JEE technologies