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Summary: CAST AIP 8.3.5 introduces a number of features and changes as listed below. To view the impacts of these changes on analysis results, see: Changes in results post upgrade.

Technology support changes

Please see Technology coverage changes in CAST AIP 8.3.x for more detailed discussion of this subject.


Analysis Units for .NET Core



In previous releases of CAST AIP, the discoverer for .NET ignored .NET projects of type .NET Core. They were discovered but not selected in the package in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. These discoverers have been modified in In CAST AIP ≥  8.3.5 to take into account .NET Core 2.0 / .NET Standard 2.0 projects in preparation for .NET Core 2.0 /.NET Standard 2.0 analysis support in the forthcoming version 1.1.x of the .NET Analyzer.

What constitutes a .NET Core 2.0 / .NET Standard 2.0 project?

The CAST Delivery Manager Tool will discover .NET Core 2.0 / .NET Standard 2.0 projects when the .csproj or .vbproj files contains the following:

Code Block
<Project sdk="">

Analysis of . NET Core 2.0 / .NET Standard 2.0 projects when using the extension ≤ 1.0.x

All source code in the root folder (and any sub-folders) selected for the package will be included in the project.

Analysis of these projects/Analysis Units will be successful (i.e. no errors), however, the analysis will be incomplete:


, projects of type .NET Core are now automatically "selected" in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. As a consequence, when a user performs the Set as Current Version action in the CAST Management Studio, the .NET Core projects are imported and corresponding Analysis Units are created. Therefore, measures such as Lines of Code or Commented Code Lines will increase in a snapshot. Similarly, new quality rule violations can be found in the source code that is now analyzed. The exact impact on analysis results depends on the version of the .NET Analyzer extension that is used for the analysis and the level of support for .NET Core that the extension provides. Please refer to the extension documentation.

If you do not want .NET Core projects to be analyzed and results modified (with regard to a previous snapshot when in an upgrade scenario), please unselect .NET Core Analysis Units in the CAST Management Studio, after performing the Set as Current Version option.

See also: Changes in results post upgrade - 8.3.5


A limitation involving the display of syntax errors in the analysis log has been removed in CAST AIP 8.3.5. Previously, when the analyzer encountered superfluous parentheses in the source code, a syntax error was displayed in the analysis log. This syntax is now handled by the analyzer. See the limitation here: SQL - Technical notes and limitations.

Installation and deployment


  • a new option "<discoverers_to_enable>" is available in CASTUpgrade_Schemas.txt to enable specific discoverers on existing CAST Delivery Manager Tool packages (i.e. those that are being upgraded).  In normal circumstances, no discoverer is enabled for existing CAST Delivery Manager Tool packages (to eliminate the impact to post-upgrade snapshot results), however in some circumstances, it is desirable to enable a particular discoverer. You can enable discoverers for the Web Files Discoverer and the DMT XML Framework Scanner. See Automating the CAST AIP Upgrade process for more information.
  • a new option "INSTALL_CUSTOM_UA_LEGACY" is available in CASTUpgrade_Steps.txt. It enables you to choose whether any custom legacy language packs that are present in <CAST_ALL_USERS_PATH>\configuration\languages where <CAST_ALL_USERS_PATH> is the value defined in the CastGlobalSettings.ini file (the default value is %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\CAST\<version>) will be installed as part of the upgrade. Set to N (default) to ignore these legacy language packs, or Y to install them as part of the upgrade process.


You can enter either any of the following (if you enter multiple discoverers, separate them with a comma semi-colon - ; ):


Note that when the "HTML5 project" option is used, the feature is specifically targeted for CAST AIP upgrades when you are generating the post-upgrade consistency snapshot and need to enable specific discoverers in existing packages to maintain consistency.


An new parameter has been added to the AutomateDelivery option, called -discoverers. This allows you to specify the discoverers you would like to enable in the existing packages that will be copied into the new Version. You can select "HTML5 project" (Web Files Discoverer) and "XML scanner" (DMT XML Framework Scanner). See Automating CAST Management Studio tasks for more information.


A new field is displayed at Version level to indicate the very first time the packaging action was run on the Version. If the Version has not yet been packaged, then nothing is displayed. This field will always show the very first date/time the package action was run on the Version - even if multiple package actions have been run:

CAST Transaction Configuration Center


AETP: Export List of Objects

The list of objects involved in an AETP calculation that can be exported via the option available in the Enhancement node has been modified. In previous releases, this option incorrectly included objects belonging to a transaction's call graph that had been deleted (from the code). The export option has now been corrected and deleted artifacts are no longer included.

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