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Functional Modules are used in CAST AIP to define a logical break down of Application source code into smaller units. Examples are a user defined module or an automatic module such as a "full content module" or a module generated for an Analysis Unit.

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Generated code

Many technologies supported by CAST AIP for analysis include the ability to produce "auto generated code" from templates or other sources. When this auto generated source code is analyzed by CAST AIP, the following is true:

  • Auto generated code is analyzed to help understand the entire code being analyzed
  • Objects are created from the code and saved in the CAST Analysis Service database (to help trace transactions for example) and these objects are marked as being "generated"
  • Any Quality Rule violations that are caused by these "auto generated" objects are not displayed in the CAST dashboards and they do not contribute to grade calculations
  • "Generated" objects are excluded from any aggregated metrics (for example Lines of Code (LOC))

The method used by CAST AIP to determine whether source code is "auto generated" is specific to each technology.

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Health Factor

Health Factors are business-oriented strategic quality indicators. They rely on the measure of compliance with a set of Technical Criteria that assess the impact on the application development business.