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Please note the following additional information:

  • The folders defined in the startup wizard are set on a "per Management Service schema basis". This means that the folders should be used only for the Management Service schema that you connect to. If you connect to a different Management Service schema, you will be required to set new folder locations - and these should NOT be set to the same location.
  • You must ensure that:
    • a different location is used for each folder (i.e. the Delivery folder should not be a sub-folder of the Deployment folder or vice-versa)
    • each folder is completely separate from the location used to store your source code - i.e. errors will arise if you configure the Delivery and Deployment folders to be located in sub-folders of a source code storage location
  • For custom paths, you can use the following syntax:
    • D:\CAST\DELIVERY (folder local to the host machine) - always enter an absolute path. Please DO NOT use a mapped drive path (created using the Windows GUI or the subst Windows command) that points to a folder on the local machine or to a remote network share - doing so can cause an error that will prevent the CAST AIC Portal/CAST Management Studio from functioning.
    • \\HOST\CAST\DELIVERY (folder on a remote network share). Note that forward slashes will also function.
  • The default paths that are pre-populated into the fields are taken from the CASTGlobalSettings.ini file (a file located at the root of the CAST AIP installation folder - see Appendix - Modifying default CAST data storage locations from the CAST AIP documentation) - changing the location in the CASTGlobalSettings.ini file will not affect the settings defined in the GUI.