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  • Via the CAST Management Studio GUI - this method is best used in small deployments where only a handful of Applications (and therefore a small number of "combined installation" CAST schemas) require initialization. This option requires that you open the CAST Management Studio, connect to EACH Management Service schema and then configure the required settings for EACH.
  • Via the CAST Management Studio CLI - this method is best used in large scale deployments where many dozens of Applications require initialization. This method allows the settings to be configured via a batch script file and therefore does not require that the CAST Management Studio is opened for EACH Management Service schema.


(tick)Access to the CAST Management Service schema and any associated schemas is governed by a global license key. You must have a valid license key in your possession before you begin.

Via the CAST Management Studio GUI



Please note the following additional information:

  • The folders defined in the startup wizard are set on a "per Management Service schema basis". This means that the folders should be used only for the Management Service schema that you connect to. If you connect to a different Management Service schema, you will be required to set new folder locations - and these should NOT be set to the same location.
  • You must ensure that:
    • a different location is used for each folder (i.e. the Delivery folder should not be a sub-folder of the Deployment folder or vice-versa)
    • each folder is completely separate from the location used to store your source code - i.e. errors will arise if you configure the Delivery and Deployment folders to be located in sub-folders of a source code storage location
  • For custom paths, you can use the following syntax:
    • D:\CAST\DELIVERY (folder local to the host machine) - always enter an absolute path. Please DO NOT use a mapped drive path (created using the Windows GUI or the subst Windows command) that points to a folder on the local machine or to a remote network share - doing so can cause an error that will prevent the CAST AIC Portal/CAST Management Studio from functioning.
    • \\HOST\CAST\DELIVERY (folder on a remote network share). Note that forward slashes will also function.
  • The default paths that are pre-populated into the fields are taken from the CASTGlobalSettings.ini file (a file located at the root of the CAST AIP installation folder - see Appendix - Modifying default CAST data storage locations from the CAST AIP documentation) - changing the location in the CASTGlobalSettings.ini file will not affect the settings defined in the GUI.


  • Once the settings have been successfully initialized using the command line interface, opening the CAST Management Studio and connecting to the Management Service in question for the first time will NOT cause the Startup wizard to be displayed.
  • It is possible to use the CLI interface to update all settings EXCEPT -sourceDeliveryFolder and -sourceDeploymentFolder once they have already been set either via the Startup wizard or via the CLI.

Next steps?

See Deploy the CAST Security Dashboard.