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  • Click Finish.
  • The CAST Management Studio will then automatically generate a snapshot for the current Application.
  • When complete, you should see a step-by-step list of the action's processes in a dialog box:


Please note that CAST supports concurrent snapshot generation on the same workstation (whether through GUI/CLI) with the following conditions:

  • only one active execution for a given application/triplet should be run at any one time
  • you should ensure that you configure application/triplet specific values for the following CAST locations:
    • TEMP (User's temporary path)
    • LTSA
    • LISA
    • LOG

This can be achieved by:

  • defining an application/triplet specific Windows environment variable (for example %APPLICATION%)
  • using this Windows variable in the CastGlobalSettings.ini file (ensuring you uncomment the variable in the CastGlobalSettings.ini file)
  • changing the Windows variable path each time you generate a snapshot for a specific application/triplet

For example:

It is only possible to define the TEMP location in the CastGlobalSettings.ini file, as shown below. However, when using the CLI, omitting the logRootPath, workingPath and temporaryPath options will redirect all files to TEMP anyway. In the same way, when using the GUI, leaving Log/LISA/LTSA path fields blank in the CAST Management Studio preferences will ensure all files are redirected to TEMP.

Code Block
; Set current user's temporary path

Snapshot warnings

"Application X" needs to be analyzed before taking the snapshot