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  • the log file will by default be located in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%/CAST/CAST/Logs, or in the folder specified by CAST_LOG_ROOT_PATH if that variable has been defined in the flat's  CASTGlobalSettings.ini file.

In previous releases of CAST AIP, the CAST Transaction Configuration Center log files:

  • were named "TransactionConfigurationCenter.<date><time>.log.txt" where <date> was of the form "YYMMDD", where <time> was of the form "HHMMSS"
  • were located in the CAST temp file directory

Log: Function Points Computation report - includes Transaction Graph Adjustment information

The Function Points Computation report (which is part of the log produced when the "Compute" action is run) now contains information about the use of the Transaction Graph Adjustment feature:

First, these lines display the current statuses of whether Standard and/or Custom TF adjustments are enabled or disabled:

  • Standard TF graph adjustment : enabled or disabled
  • Custom TF graph adjustment : enabled or disabled

Then, if there is at least one link which has been adjusted, the counts of deleted, inverted, and added links are shown:

  • Number of deleted adjusted links : 0 or # of deleted adjusted links
  • Number of inverted adjusted links : 0 or # of inverted adjusted links
  • Number of added adjusted links : 0 or # of added adjusted links

New Show Rules option in the GUI

A new "Show Rules' option has been added to the GUI to display a list of rules that the selected object matches:

This option can be accessed from the Transaction Configuration node when using the "Generate set..." buttons: