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Analysis warning and error messages

The following warnings and error messages may be displayed in the analysis log:


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HTML5 and JavaScript - errors and warnings
HTML5 and JavaScript - errors and warnings

End of comment and File skipped messages for .js files

You may find that the analysis log contains the following messages for .js files:

Code Block
Warning MODULMSG ; Job execution end of comment '\*\/' not found 0 ; 0 0 0 [Module name] 0 0 
Warning MODULMSG ; Job execution File skipped : K:\CAST\Ref\auto-refi2-staticresources\testing\inflow.js

These messages occur when the underlying Universal Analyzer raises a warning whenever it encounters what it considers a syntax error. The "End of comment" message is logged and then a following message is logged stating that the file has been "skipped". These warnings should be ignored as they have no impact: the HTML5/JavaScript extension will analyze the file and raise the following message in the analysis log:

Code Block
Information MODULMSG ; Job execution [com.castsoftware.html5] Light parsing of file K:\CAST\CASTMS\Deploy\Test_source\Ref\auto-refi2-staticresources\testing\inflow.js