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This documentation page describes a legacy method of installing CAST AIP. This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information. You should instead refer to Installation and Configuration with AIP Console.

A "greenfield" or "from scratch" installation is typically performed in the following order:



Install CAST AIP from setup

Run the CAST AIP setup.bat. This corresponds to the installation of a CAST Administration workstation that will host all CAST components that you need to setup and/or run the CAST Application Plaftorm.

Note that CAST AIP is delivered in a ZIP file that needs to be unzipped to a folder on the CAST Administration workstation (it cannot be run from a network location). Once unzipped, the setup.exe file can be run to start the installation.

Download your CAST AIP Extensions

Before you can install a CAST AIP Extension with your CAST AIP schemas, you first need to download it. This is an optional step.

Install CAST AIP schemas

CAST Application Intelligence Platform relies on a set of schemas to store the data resulting from the source code analysis. These schemas are created during this step and you can follow different scenarios (deployment scenario). This step is executed from the CAST Administration workstation configured during the Install CAST AIP from setup step.

You can optionally install your downloaded CAST AIP Extensions at the same time as you install the CAST AIP schemas.

Initialize the platform preferences in CAST Management Studio

Run the CAST Management Studio to:

  • Enter a license key
  • Configure the source code Delivery and Deployment folders
  • Optionally configure the LISA/LTSA/Log folders

Deploy the CAST web applications

Deploy the CAST web applications. This includes:

  • the CAST AIC Portal to manage the delivery and packaging of source code for analysis via the CAST Delivery Manager Tool (DMT) - mandatory. The source code Delivery folder also needs to be defined at this point.
  • the Health Dashboard for high level data consumption
  • the Engineering Dashboard for for detailed data investigation
  • the legacy CAST Engineering Dashboard and the CAST Discovery Portal for detailed data investigation (optional based on your license agreement)