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locationEXTEND:Configuring an external plugin to enrich the results for your Universal Analyzer language


Table of Contents

If the language you are targeting in the Universal Analyzer has a complementary third party tool that can analyze source code and generate Quality Rule data, then you can integrate this tool into the Language Package as a "plugin" and execute it during the Universal Analyzer analysis. This section describes the process for configuring a plugin and how to integrate it into your language pack.


  • The "rule" attribute in the "violation" node must use the same format as the properties defined on objects resulting from the analysis as defined in the XXXMetaModel.xml file.
  • If the Universal Analyzer cannot locate objects resulting from its analysis using the "beginline" attribute, then the violation will be mapped to a sourceFile type object (see Defining a new language). As such, you must configure the XXXMetaModel.xml file in such a way that all the properties returned by the plugin tools/scripts can be assigned to a sourceFile type object.
  • If a file is taken into account by your plugin but has not been configured in the Language Package, then the results output by the plugin will be ignored.