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CAST AIP 8.2.56 contains all fixes from the following previous CAST AIP releases:

  • 7.3.0 - 7.3.11  
  • 8.0.0 - 8.0.5
  • 8.1.0 - 8.1.5
  • 8.2.0 - 8.2.65

The following table lists all bugs fixed in CAST AIP 8.2.6 and that are not already listed in the "Bug Fix Lists" of the above mentioned releases. There are 37 issues listed below. Note that the column "Internal ID" is used only as an internal reference ID.

Call IDTechnologyComponent/sFeaturesSituationSymptomsInternal ID
7165SQL - PL/SQLCAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the results of the Quality Rule "Avoid Artifacts with high Commented-out Code Lines/Code Lines ratio" - 7126.The Quality Rule returns a value of 300% for the commented out code.SCRAIP-23161
7885JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When manually configuring a JEE analysis in the CAST Management Studio to take into account specific file extension types and using a comma instead of semi-colon to separate the file extensions.The use of the comma as a separator causes the analysis to crash.SCRAIP-23507
7959N/ADelivery Manager Tool - Version Delivery When packaging VB code with the CAST Delivery Manager Tool (DMT).The DMT is not able to resolve references between VB projects and raises a "Missing Library" alert. If the reference is already present in the VB code, the DMT is not re-mediating the alerts automatically.SCRAIP-24926
8042JEE - JavaApplication Engineering Dashboard (AED) When attempting to export Quality Rules to CSV/Excel in the CAST Application Engineering Dashboard.The resulting export shows some Quality Rules have incorrect zero and negative values for risk, whereas the values for risk displayed in the dashboard are correct.SCRAIP-24062
8380N/ACSS Tools - Backup When attempting to backup a CSS schema using the CSSBackup tool.The backup fails, however, the log states that the process is "Done".SCRAIP-25585
8570N/ACAST Management Studio (CMS) When looking at the CMS GUI showing the progress of an analysis.The GUi displays that the execution of an extension during the Application analysis has been successful (green tick) whereas the log from the extension itself reports that the extension failed. The CMS GUI is not reporting the correct status.SCRAIP-26131
8865N/ACMS Assessment model When attempting to search for Quality Rule names in the Assessment Model editor in CMS.The search does not function as expected - search returns results from all columns, not just Quality Rule column and therefore odd search results are sometimes returned.SCRAIP-26047
8918JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to analyze and generate a snapshot for an Application upgraded from 7.3.x > 8.2.x.The duration of the analysis/snapshot has increased fourfold.SCRAIP-26641
8936;9289;9638;9850JEE - JavaApplication Engineering Dashboard (AED) When looking at the results of the Quality Rule "Avoid testing floating point numbers for equality - 8096".The Quality Rule falsely reports violations when floats are compared to NULL.SCRAIP-25895
9041N/ACMS Infrastructure/Services - Review Dynamic Links When attempting to use the dynamiclinks.cli.exe to validate some rules.dynamiclinks.cli.exe crashes with the following error:

System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: A
n error occurred creating the configuration section handler for Column 'InvariantName' is constrained to be unique. Value 'Npgsql' is already present.
9101JEE - JSPCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When re-running a JEE analysis after upgrading from CAST AIP 7.3.x to 8.2.x.Links between eFile and Java Methods are not detected in CAST AIP 8.2.x whereas they existed in CAST AIP 7.3.x.SCRAIP-26352
9111N/ACAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the results of a SQL analysis.The QR always reports 0 violations (grade set to 4) even if there are table present that violate the rule.SCRAIP-26628
9155JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When re-analyzing a JEE application containing Hibernate Entities following upgrade of CAST AIP from 7.3.x to 8.2.x.The Hibernate Entities that were correctly analyzed in 7.3.x are no longer analyzed in 8.2.x.SCRAIP-26419
9173JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to run a JEE analysis.A fatal error occurs:

Unable to process JEE analysis, error in project 'xxx' (An exception occurred)".
9180JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When re-analyzing a JEE Application containing Struts framework following an upgrade from CAST AIP 7.3.x to 8.2.x.The Struts Action objects are not analyzed.SCRAIP-26457
9182JavaScriptCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When looking at the list of unverified Dynamic Links after an upgrade from CAST AIP 7.2.x to 8.2.6 and a re-analysis.The list of unverified links is huge following the upgrade.SCRAIP-26465
9283JEE - JavaCAST Engineering Dashboard When comparing the results of a JEE analysis from CAST AIP 7.3.x and then post upgrade to CAST AIP 8.2.x.There is a large increase (in CAST AIP 8.2.x) in JEE LOC originating from javascript files. There was no change in configuration between the two releases of CAST AIP with regard to Analysis Units, environment profiles or the scope.SCRAIP-26729
9319N/ADelivery Manager Tool   SCRAIP-28063
9401JEE - Web ServicesCAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the CAST Engineering Dashboard with regard to Line of code (LOC) values.The LOC value reported in the dashboard is incorrect: XHTML files are not taken into account.SCRAIP-27034
9445SQL - SQL-PSM z/OSCAST Engineering Dashboard When re-analyzing a DB2 zOS application after upgrade from CAST AIP 8.0.x to 8.2.x.The DB2 zOS objects (tables) are not visible in the CAST Engineering Dashboard despite being present in the CAST Analysis Service schema.SCRAIP-27144
9478N/ACAST Engineering Dashboard When using the "Improvement - Action Plan" feature in the CAST Engineering Dashboard.The "Delete Corrected" button does not appear to do anything.SCRAIP-27186
9497 CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When attempting to analyze PL/SQL.The analyzer reports syntax errors during the analysis for the following PL/SQL construct:

...LOG ERRORS INTO rtd_error_log REJECT LIMIT 100;
9498JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When attempting to run a JEE analysis with around 1101 Analysis Units.The analysis is crashing with the error: Unable to process JEE analysis, error in project 'xxx' (An exception occurred).

When annotating all the Analysis Units and run the analysis, it completes fine (1 day 20 hours). When running the full analysis the analysis is failing after 2 days 6 hours.
9503JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When looking at the results of a JEE analysis.Links are not getting created between XHTML files and java methods even though the corresponding source files are present in the same Analysis Unit.

When we isolate this Analysis Unit and run the analysis we get the link but on removing the annotation and running the analysis, the link is not created.
9519JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When running a JEE analysis with CAST AIP schemas hosted on Oracle Server.The "COMPUTE DEPENDENCY DATASET" step fails during the analysis with the error ORA-01555, snapshot too old: rollback segment number 10 with name "_SYSSMU10_3644899".SCRAIP-27247
9529JEE - JSPCAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the Quality Rule "Pages should use error handling page" and attempting to click the URLs given in the Reference section.The URLs fail since the coresponding third-party websites no longer exist.SCRAIP-27269
9569JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Compute Snapshot When attempting to generate a snapshot.The snapshot is getting stuck at the "configure snapshot step".SCRAIP-27412
9642Power BuilderCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to run an analysis of an application containing PowerBuilder source code.The analysis fails during the "Metrics Assistant" step with the fatal error:

"Unexternalized exception - Message is 'access violation".
9645JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to run a snapshot with CAST AIP schemas hosted on a CAST Storage Service.The snapshot fails with the following error while computing the Quality Rule "Avoid string concatenation in loop":

ERROR: could not write to hash-join temporary file: No space left on device
                              Where: SQL statement "insert into DSS_CodePath
                              ( PathId ,StepIndex, StepDepth, SourceId, StartLine, FinishLine, ContainerId)
                              select distinct scope.PathId, scope.ScopeIndex , scope.ScopeIndex + 1 , s.SOURCE_ID, (obj.Info1+book.Info1)-1 , (obj.Info1+book.Info3)-1 ,scope.ContainerId
                              from WK_SCOPE_EXPENSIVEPATH scope
9702SQL - PL/SQLTransaction Configuration Center (TCC) When generating a snapshot on triplets that have the "Transaction Calibration Kit" extension installed on them.The snapshot completes successfully, but on opening the CAST Transaction Configuration Center, the TCC shows errors which require re-computation of the snapshot to fix.SCRAIP-27718
9710SQL - PL/SQLSource extractors During an Oracle extraction from DMT or from the external extractorExtraction fails with message
"Invariance error #-10: 'Schema XXXXXX' has been modified during the extraction: initial 'Last Modification Date' is '2017-07-20:21:32:35', new 'Last Modification Date' is '2017-07-20:21:45:44'", but no Type, Type Body, Package, Package Body, Procedure, Function, Trigger, Table, Materialized view, Index, Synonym, nor View has been modified during the extraction of this schema
9756N/ACMS Snapshot/Analysis When re-analyzing the same Application in CAST AIP 8.2.x.The analysis duration, specifically for JEE applications, is much longer than in CAST AIP 7.3.x.SCRAIP-27812
9762SQL - PL/SQLCAST Management Studio (CMS) when using CAST-TacleChecksumPatcherthe CHECK and UNIQUE constraints are not alphabetically reordered when some column names contains the word CHECK or UNIQUESCRAIP-27853
9859; 9866Business ObjectsCAST Update Tool (CUT) When attempting to run an upgrade with the CAST Update Tool (CUT).The upgrade of the Analysis Service schema (local) fails with an SQL error: null value in column "name_id" violates not-null constraintSCRAIP-28172
9868; 9983Power BuilderCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to run an analysis of an application containing PowerBuilder source code.The analysis log contains the error "Data cache : 'ObjPos' still contains data which may not have been flushed. Cache is being deleted although it still contains unsaved data."SCRAIP-28203
9894UniversalCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to analyze code using a custom Perl extension.Analysis results are not stable: sometimes objects are created, sometimes they are not. This is due to the fact that a bug exists in the UA engine where multiple regular expression patterns defined in the extension may match the same object.SCRAIP-27752
 N/A  When downloading an extension using the CAST Extension Downloader.The Extension Downloader becomes unresponsive ("not responding") while downloading the extension.SCRAIP-28338