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No Format
<logic:equal name="<%=Colors.KEY_COLOR%>" value="<%=Colors.RED%>">

When this code is analyzed by the J2EE Analyzer, the log will contain the following warning:

No Format
Bean 'KEY_COLOR%>' not found in scope

Tag Libraries

J2EE Analyzer is unable to take into account attributes that are IMPLIED. This occurs when the TLD references a DTD that contains IMPLIED attributes. When the analyzer encounters such attributes in a JSP page, it gives the following error message in the log: "Attribute 'xxx' is not valid for custom tag 'yyy'". Workaround: Modify the TLD and add all IMPLIED attributes with their values defined in the DTD. This allows J2EE Analyzer to correctly parse the TLD.

Links between tag attributes and JavaScript functions

The J2EE analyzer does not create links between tag attributes and JavaScript functions, for example:

  • A .tag file defines some JSP content, in which HTML 5 content is defined. This content includes a call to a JavaScript function.
  • A JSP file refers to this tag, which is expanded to code including a call to the JavaScript function


Supported path resolution for links between JSP files and JSP or JavaScript files/functions

The JEE analyzer supports the following path configuration rules in JSP source files:

  • If the path starts with a slash ("/"), then this refers to the Web Application Root Path (as configured in the CAST Management Studio)
  • If not, the path is a relative to the folder containing the current file

If the above rules are adhered to, then the analyzer will correctly resolve links between JSP files and the following components:

  • other JSP files
  • JavaScript files and functions

If any other path resolution rule is used, links will not be created.

Note that in some circumstances (i.e. the use of a particular JEE framework) links may be created between JSP files and JSP or JavaScript files/functions even if the above rules are not adhered to.