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A bug has been fixed in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool for the extraction of Microsoft SQL Server tables with irregular names (i.e. table names that use spaces, non-ASCII characters and other characters not supported in regular identifiesidentifiers). This bug fix causes a code only checksum change extraction results if the same databases are extracted with CAST AIP 8.2.5. This code only checksum change will therefore mean that the database tables are reported as "modified" in the CAST dashboards when they are re-analyzed. Note that the impact is only visible in the CAST dashboards when a NEW extraction of the same databases is run using CAST AIP 828.2.5 and the results of this extraction are subsequently analyzed with CAST AIP 8.2.5. If you upgrade to CAST AIP 8.2.5 and do not re-extract the existing source code, then no impact is visible.