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CAST AIP release



When working with CAST AIP  8.3.x, the legacy BO Analyzer (provided out-of-the-box in CAST AIP) is no longer available, therefore to analyze SAP BusinessObjects, you must use the SAP BusinessObjects Analyzer.

8.2.x (where x ≥ 5)(tick)(tick)

When working with CAST AIP  8.2.x it is not mandatory to use theSAP BusinessObjects Analyzer to analyze SAP BusinessObejcts. CAST AIP continues to provide support for analyzing SAP BusinessObjects source code via its existing BO Analyzer (provided out-of-the-box in CAST AIP), and existing code delivery and analysis mechanism for SAP BusinessObjects still remains in CAST AIP.


ReleaeSupportedSupported by referenceDeprecated
BusinessObjects XI
BusinessObjects XI R2
BusinessObjects XI 3.0
BusinessObjects XI 3.1(tick)

SAP Business Intelligence BusinessObjects 4.0(tick)

SAP Business Intelligence BusinessObjects 4.1(tick)

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