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  • The Package process will then begin. A dialog box displays progress and the end result:


Please note that the Package action will fail if the Package includes a PL/SQL extraction and any of the components in the target schemas are being modified when the Package action is running. The action will fail with the error message:

Code Block
YYYY-MM-DD - Invariance error #-10: Schema TEST_28567 has been modified during the extraction:
initial 'Last Modification Date' is 'YYYY-MM-DD, new 'Last Modification Date' is 'YYYY-MM-DD'

YYYY-MM-DD - Disconnected!

Error executing: Extraction -driver oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver -url jdbc:oracle:thin:@<instance>:1521:<server>
-user SYSTEM -password **** -parameters schema=TEST_28567;minimal_access_mode=dba -target C:\Users\user\exportResults -format test_sql => -1

Execution failed!

If any components in the target schemas are being recompiled when the Package action is running, then a similar error message will be displayed, but the Package action will succeed.