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(tick)An installation of the CAST AIC Portal is required - please see Installing and configuring the CAST AIC Portal.
(tick)A CAST Server Manager connection profile specifying the target RDBMS/CSS must already exist.
(tick)The command line tool requires that a Java JRE has been installed on the machine (at least version 1.6) from which you will run the CLI.

The command line tool requires that:

  • either a %JAVA_HOME% system environment variable exists on the machine pointing to the installation folder of your JRE (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7)
  • or that the JRE's bin folder is referenced in the PATH system environment variable (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin)

If neither of the above are true, a message will be displayed explaining this when you attempt to run the tool.

(tick)Please ensure that you have the CLI tool on he machine from which you will run the CLI. The CLI tool is provided as a zip archive in the WARS folder at the root of your CAST AIP installation:
(tick)The command line tool requires that you use a CAST AIC Portal login that has the Platform Administrator role. Please see CAST AIC Portal - Configuring user authentication for more information.
(tick)The following instructions are for a Windows environment only.
(tick)If your Apache Tomcat web application server is configured for secure https access, ensure that a trusted CA (Certificate Authority) SSL certificate is installed, rather than a self-signed certificate.

What can the CLI do?

The CAST AIC Portal can do the following: