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By default Neo4j is set to use 3GB use the following RAM:

CAST Imaging ≥ 2.5.0 8GB of RAM memory (initial and maximum)


CAST Imaging ≤ 2.4.x 3GB of RAM memory (initial and maximum)

 If you are facing performance issues, it is possible to modify the allocated memory. See also for more information.



Microsoft Windows via traditional installer

This file is located in the protected %APPDATA% location, therefore you must open the file with elevated permission (this is usually achieved by right clicking your text editor in the Windows start menu and selecting Run as administrator):


You may need to use elevated permissions to edit this file (for example use sudo).

Alter the following line lines and increase the RAM allocation as necessary:

Code Block

Restart the Neo4j Windows service / Docker container to ensure the changes are taken into account.