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  • Limitations for support of the following frameworks are given in their own section:
  • Calls between JavaScript and TypeScript source codes are not supported.
  • The use of setters and getters is not supported.
  • Passing the URL strings directly (or string variables referring to URLs) as arguments to web-service calls is supported for many use cases. However, passing them through http.RequestOptions (containing metadata) is work in progress.
  • String concatenations using the operator '+' inside loops do not raise violations currently.
  • The cyclomatic complexity number might appear underestimated in callables containing loops with complex conditional expressions.
  • A single production environment file is supported (see corresponding section above).
  • The use of bind method is not supported and would lead to missing callLinks.
  • The use of Object.freeze method is not supported.
  • React Without JSX is not supported.
  • The spread operator "..." is not supported.