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Summary: CAST AIP 8.3.1 introduces a number of features and changes as listed below. To view the impacts of these changes on analysis results, see: Changes in results post upgrade.

Technology support changes


It is no longer possible to configure the weight and criticality of an Architecture Model's associated Quality Rule in the CAST Management Studio (previously this was possible in the Architecture Model editor or in the Architecture Models tab of the Application editor. Weight and Criticality are now configured directy in CAST Architecture Checker. See GUI: configuring model properties below.


In an upgrade scenario:

  • Weight and Criticality values defined in previous releases of CAST AIP will remain and will be used when computing a new snapshot in the new release of CAST AIP.
  • If a Weight other than 1 - 9 was set via the CAST Management Studio, after upgrade, this value will be reset to the default value of 1.
  • The default values (Weight = 1 and Criticality = No) will be applied if no values for Weight/Criticality were set through the CAST Management Studio in the previous release of CAST AIP.