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Table of Contents

Summary: step-by-step instructions for your CAST Architecture Checker installation.


CAST does not support the upgrade of CAST Architecture Checker from any previous release. Therefore, CAST recommends uninstalling the previous release of CAST Architecture Checker and then installing the new release from scratch.

Get the installation media

You can obtain CAST Architecture Checker from the ExtendNG. Search for "architecture checker" and choose the CAST Architecture Checker option:

A ZIP file will be downloaded - unpack this ZIP file and proceed as described below.

Installation process

Double click the executable file. Click Yes, when prompted to allow the installation.

The installation wizard will be displayed. 

Read and accept the license agreement and click Next:

Choose a location on the local machine that will be used for the CAST Architecture Checker installation. The setup will suggest: %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\Archi-Checker-QR, you may choose a different location. Click Next to continue:

Choose any additional tasks (e.g.: create desktop shortcuts). Click Next. A brief summary of the chosen options will be displayed. 

Click Install, to start the installation process. The installation will proceed:

On completion the following screen is displayed offering to start CAST Architecture Checker. 

Click Finish, to close the installer.

What is installed?

Installation files

On completion of the installation, all files related to CAST Architecture Checker are stored in:

Code Block

Connection profiles

If CAST AIP 8.x exists on the server and if a cast-ms.connectionProfiles.pmx exists in:

Code Block

...then the cast-ms.connectionProfiles.pmx will be copied to:

Code Block

... and the connection profiles will be made available to Architecture Checker. See CAST Architecture Checker - Connect and select application.

Apps entry point

An entry point will be available in the Apps panel:

Next steps?

Please see CAST Architecture Checker - User Guide for more information.