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  • The rule is still listed in the Assessment Model so that results for previous snapshots can be viewed in the CAST dashboards
  • The rule has been renamed and "DELETED" has been added as a prefix
  • The rule will no longer be triggered in any new snapshots taken with 8.3.23 or above therefore changes in grades/overall numbers of violations may change
  • The rule will no longer contribute to any parent Technical Criteria

Mainframe - Cobol

Never truncate data in MOVE statements - 7688

A bug has been fixed with regard to the Cobol rule Never truncate data in MOVE statements - 7688 and a change has been made to the way in which numeric signs are handled to avoid false positive violations of the rule:

  • The first "-" is now considered as the sign.
  • Commas are now detected as decimal points.

 As a result of these changes, some impact to existing results is to be expected when re-analyzing existing source code: false positive violations will be reduced, therefore changing grades but providing improved accuracy.