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Summary: This document provides information about changes and new features introduced in this release of NoSQL for Java.

1.1.2- funcrel


  • Improvement in Improved performance (File I/O reduction, caching of objects , de-duplication of execution steps)
  • Reorganisation Improved accuracy and robustness (reorganization of extension code flow for improved accuracy and robustness.)


Resolved issues

Below table lists the bugs fixed in the 1.1.1-funcrel release

Internal IDCall IDSummary
NOSQLJAVA-23719947Warning com.castsoftware.nosqljava has encountered an issue
NOSQLJAVA-24220051Missing MongoDB objects
NOSQLJAVA-248 -Mongo, CouchDB and MarkLogic Databases are considered as "Data Function"
NOSQLJAVA-240 -No support for Unknown Mongo Connections

1.1.0- funcrel

Resolved issues

Below table lists the bugs fixed in the 1.1.0-funcrel release

Internal IDCall IDSummary
NOSQLJAVA- 162    -Functional, Full Stack, Client app testing for DynamoDB, CosmoDB, Couchbase, Memcached and Redis
NOSQLJAVA- 186    -Removed Duplicate Redis Connection and Collection Objects
NOSQLJAVA- 189    -Jedis(Java Implementation): Objects and operations inside try catch block are not getting detected
NOSQLJAVA- 193    -Cluster and Bucket Object Not created for a Couchbase Spring data Application
NOSQLJAVA- 194    -Additional Seperator support for file in spring-boot not present
NOSQLJAVA- 196    -Change the icon for Memcached "storage"
NOSQLJAVA- 197    -Memcached objects not created when localhost is defined globally
NOSQLJAVA- 209    -MongoRepository support for applcation.propeties: not reflecting the complete name of database in Enlighten



NOSQLJAVA-115- Support for class MongoRepository


Below table lists the bugs fixed in the 1.1.0-beta8 release

Internal IDCall IDSummary
NOSQLJAVA-188-Couchbase Spring Data: Object getting detected irrespective of Couchbase usage in all Java Projects
NOSQLJAVA-190 - Dynamo DB link and objects not showing Enlighten 

1.1.0- beta7


NOSQLJAVA-138- Initial Support for Couchbase Spring Data