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Flex 1.1.1

Resolved issues

R&D IDTicket IDSummary
FLEX-13614266Unable to download extension via CLI. The specified path, file name, or both are too long.

Flex 1.1.0


  • New object icons have been introduced. See Flex 1.1.
  • FLEX-91 - In previous releases of the extension, local variables in the source code were resolved as "FLEX Variable" objects. This behaviour has now been changed and FLEX Variable objects are no longer resolved. Therefore, after an upgrade to Flex 1.1.0 and the generation of a post upgrade snapshot on unchanged source code, results may differ. In addition, the following rules included FLEX Variable objects in their scope and have been modified to use FLEX Getter, Setter, Function and Script objects instead of FLEX Variables. There will be no impact on the number of violations for these rules:


1003014Avoid nested if statement (Flex)
1003020Avoid empty method (Flex)
1003026Avoid complex methods (Flex)
1003030Avoid function with unused parameter (Flex)
1003054Avoid local variable hiding a class property (Flex)
1003056Avoid class name not starting by a majuscule character (Flex)
1003082Avoid instantiating variable in a loop (Flex)
1003088Avoid calling directly (Flex)
1003110Avoid function that are too long (Flex)
1003126Avoid method with more than one exit point (Flex)
1003146Avoid call to callLater explicitly (Flex)
1003152Avoid DispatchEvent function not dispatching constant strings (Flex)
1003154Avoid addEventListener containing hard coded strings (Flex)

Resolved issues

The Flex 1.1.0 contains all bug fixes from previous releases. The following table lists all bugs fixed in Flex 1.1.0 and that are not already fixed in the previous released versions: