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Lower panel (Details)

This panel lists internal objects and external objects that are associated values of a violation (i.e. objects considered as external/generated are not shown) belonging to a Data Function/Transactional Function selected in the Upper right panel:

  • The panel lists each object with:
    • name
    • full name
    • type
    • role in the Transactional Function / Data Function, for example:
      • Transactional Functions: DATA_RECORD, FORM, OBJECT, FULL_GRAPH_OBJECT
    • status in the TF (Transactional Function) or in the DF (Data Function) - either Added, Deleted, Modified, Unchanged
    • status of the object itself - either Added, Deleted, Modified, Unchanged
    • whether it is excluded or not
    • the shared counter (Transactional Function only: the number of Transactional Functions to which the object contributes)
    • EC Level (Effort Complexity Level): category that assesses the complexity of adding, modifying, or deleting an Artifact based on a composite score of five software metrics that assess the complexity of the software environment in which the Artifact is embedded; that is, its size, comment level, algorithmic complexity, data access complexity, and coupling. Their possible values are: LOW, AVERAGE, HIGH, VERY HIGH.
    • EC (Effort Complexity): numerical value assigned to an Artifact based on its Effort Complexity Level and its technology.