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Although the CAST AIP upgrade guide prioritises the use of CAST Server Manager to complete all upgrade processes through the new "Upgrade Combined Installation" option, the functionality introduced through this option is still in its infancy and the CAST AIP 8.3.1 release does not contain all required configuration files.

Therefore, to upgrade to CAST AIP 8.3.1, please continue to use the "legacy" method described in Step by step upgrade process - workaround method as follows:

  1. CAST Server Manager + Component Update option to upgrade your Measurement Service schema
  2. CAST Update Tool to upgrade your Combined Installation schemas (Management/Analysis/Dashboard Service schemas)
  3. CAST Server Manager + Manage Extensions option to upgrade extensions

However, if you wish to experiment with the new "Upgrade Combined Installation" option in CAST Server Manager, please contact Laurent Windels for more information before starting.