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In CAST AIP 8.2.x a change has been made to Analysis Unit grouping in Execution Units due to the move to a 64-bit architecture: instead of grouping Analysis Units in Execution Units according to a set of predefined rules, all J2EE Analysis Units in an Application are now grouped in one single Execution Unit. The effect of this change is that when re-analyzing the same source code following an upgrade to CAST AIP 8.2.x (from 7.3.x only), links between objects in different Analysis Units are now more accurately identified provided that Dependencies have been correctly identified by the CAST Delivery Manager Tool (see the dependencies marked as "Discovered" in the Dependencies tab in the CAST Management Studio Application editor), therefore some links that were previously incorrectly identified in earlier versions of CAST AIP may no longer be identified and/or new links that were not previously identified in earlier versions of CAST AIP may now be found. This will have a knock on effect on the number of violations produced by certain Quality Rules - see  Effects of changes made to J2EE Analysis Units and Execution Units in CAST AIP 8.2.x above - some violations that previously existed will be removed, and new ones may be found. These removed and added violations are all positive improvements, in other words the list of violations is more accurate than in previous releases of CAST AIP.