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Summary: Any CAST User Community extension (i.e. a custom extension) requires documentation that is freely available on the internet. CAST highly recommends using the CAST Extend Organisation in GitHub and creating a dedicated repository. This page describes the steps required to publish documentation in GitHub.

On this page:

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Target audience:

Authors of CAST User Community extensions


In order to publish your extension documentation,the following is required:

GitHub account

You need a GitHub account. If you already have an account you can use this, but if not you will need to create a new one - see


Please note:

  • the GitHub account must be a "public" account
  • the account you use to access the CAST Extend website is not linked to GitHub and therefore if you do not already have your own GitHub you will need to create a new GitHub account specifically to edit and create the extension documentation. You can use the same credentials (login/password) that you use for the CAST Extend website, but this is not mandatory.

Membership of the CAST-Extend GitHub organization

You need to become a member of the CAST Extend organization. At the current time, please contact the GitHub user "CASTNDO" who will be able to add you to the organization. You will receive an email from GitHub (in the mailbox used for your GitHub account) containing a link which you need to click to confirm the membership.

Create a repository on GitHub

To create a new repository for your extension documentation:

  • Access the CAST Extend organization on GitHub.
  • Inside the organisation, create a new repository (as shown in the screenshot below):

  • Fill in the required details for the repository:
    • Include the extension title in the repository name
    • Set the repository to public
    • Tick the Initialize this repository with a README option
    • Click the Create repository button

  • In the newly created repository, click the Wiki tab:

  • Create a new page that will contain the extension documentation:

  • Change the title of the page: