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Certificate/key generation

Note that you

Create a root key and certificate for the server hosting CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL (root.crt, root.key) - ensure you change any settings, in particular the -subj option to suit your own environment:


  • Ensure that the service (or the user who launches the CAST applications programs) is dedicated.

  • Do not put certificates and .key files in the same folder

  • Create a dedicated folder for .key files and only give access to the dedicated CAST user

  • Do not use a password on the .pfx file, otherwise you will have to enter the password each time you restart

  • If you are using AIP Console to manage the AIP Node, and you have defined a dedicated CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance just for the Measurement schema (see the screen Configure Measurement Database in Complete start-up wizard - v. 1.x), you must ensure that you define an entry for this CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance in the SSLParameters.ini file and this entry MUST be present on all AIP Nodes that are being managed in AIP Console.