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It is not necessary to change the operator password in any .pmx file or nor in the the cms_inf_store_css table.

Step 1 - update


The line database.server.password contains the "operator" user password in encrypted format. You will need to first encrypt the new "operator" user password as explained in Using the aip-encryption-tool to encrypt credentials, then paste the encrypted password into aipinto replacing the existing encrypted password.

Finally restart all AIP Nodes where you have made this change.

Step 2 - perform a resync action on all relevant Applications

In AIP Console move to the Admin Center and choose the Applications tab. Perform a Resync operation on all Applications whose schemas are stored on the CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL node where the "operator" user password has been changed:

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Step 3 - update Measurement schema settings

If you have changed the "operator" user password for the CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance used by your global Measurement schema, then you will also need to update the Measurement schema settings in the AIP Console Admin Center. Access the option via Global Configuration > Measurement:



4 - update CAST Dashboards

If your CAST Dashboards access any applications stored on a CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance for which you have changed the "operator" user password, you will need to update your configuration, depending on your environment. When you have updated the relevant file, save the file and then restart the web application or Apache Tomcat server.

Dashboards embedded in AIP Console

context.xml file in the deployed CAST-RESTAPI-integrated.war

Code Block

Change the following line (there may be multiple CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instances referenced):

Code Block
<Resource name="jdbc/domains/Resource1" url="jdbc:postgresql://my_css_server:2282/postgres"
username="operator" password="CastAIP"

Standalone 1.x dashboards

 context.xml file in the deployed WAR

Code Block

Standalone ≥ 2.x dashboards file in the deployed WAR/ZIP


Code Block


Code Block

Change the following line (there may be multiple CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instances referenced):

Code Block



5 - update CAST Imaging source code viewer

If you are uploading your applications direct to CAST Imaging, and you are using the CAST Imaging source code viewer, you will need to update the configuration to use the new password the relevant CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL. You can find out more about this in Configure the source code viewer.