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Summary: Information about ExtendCli, a command line tool to create and manage bundles for CAST Extend local serverCAST Extend Offline.

What is ExtendCli?

CAST Extend local server and CAST Extend Offline (in v. ≥ 1.1.0) and CAST Extend local server is  is delivered "empty" without any preconfigured extensions - you will therefore need to populate Extend Offline them with extensions before you can use itthem. In addition, you may want to update CAST Extend local server/Offline /Proxy to add new extensions or to include more recent releases of extensions that are already available in Extend Offline.

An interface exists in CAST Extend (the live version available at to ) to create a new "bundle" containing the extensions you require, however, this interface only allows official CAST AIP extensions (known as "product" extensions) to be included. As a result, the ExtendCli tool has been developed to allow the integration of User Community and Labs extensions, as well as Product extensions (see Contributor types for more information about the types of extensions that are available) into CAST Extend local server/Offline/Proxy.



When you generate the package, it will create the .extarchive file <last package name|default package name>.extarchive which can then be uploaded into your CAST Extend local server/Offline instance. You must define a folder where the archive file will be placed and the folder must exist already:

Code Block
ExtendCli.exe bundle pack -o "C:\PRODUCT\Extend Offline\My package"

Navitagte Navigate to the folder you have defined as output (in the above example the path is C:\PRODUCT\Extend Offline\My package) - it will contain the generated .extarchive file that you can upload into your CAST Extend local server/Offline instance by following the steps described in in Upload the bundle to CAST Extend local server or Upload the package bundle to CAST Extend Offline: