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  • RPG III (also known as GAP 3)
  • RPG IV with traditional operation codes
  • RPG IV with alternate Calc spec and Extended Factor 2
  • RPG IV with /FREE directive

Embedded SQL support

Embedded SQL is supported, primarily to obtain Usiud links from RPG400 and CL400 objects to SQL Tables and SQL Views. The resolution of these link types requires that the database (DB2 UDB) is delivered and analyzed, however, the DB400 extractor can be used to simulate this database.

  • The following source code is considered as embedded SQL:
    • For RPG400: C/EXEC SQL … C/END-EXEC
    • For RPG Free Format: EXEC SQL … ;
    • For CL: RUNSQL(…)
  • Dynamic execution is not supported.

Function Point, Quality and Sizing support