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Double click on nodeLevel 4N/A
Level 5

Drill down to Vignette mode i.e.:  Objects level + drill mode Children + Caller/Callee + Group by communities (depending on the object selected). See also User Guide - GUI for more information on Drill and Communities modes.

Click to expand

Vignette modeExpand and investigate the selected object.
ObjectsView source code of the object. See User Guide - Viewing source code.
Right click on node

Level 4

  • Properties > Displays information about the node in the right hand slide in panel:

Level 5

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Objects and Vignette mode

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  • Add callers/callees > Retrieves all caller/called objects. Links are added to the selected object and to any other objects present where a link exists. The number in square brackets in the contextual menu indicates the number of items available.
  • Add linked objects > See User Guide - Using the Add linked objects feature for more information.
  • Add 2 levels of Callers/Callees > Same principal as the Add Callers/Callees options, but instead displays two levels of objects.
  • Associate to custom aggregation > See User Guide - Creating a custom aggregation mode.
  • Show source code > See See User Guide - Viewing source code.
  • Hide node > Use this to hide selected nodes. To unhide, either use the "Undo" option or refresh the page. It is not possible to hide a concept node or a group node, in which case the option will not be available.
  • Properties > Displays information about the object in the right hand slide in panel:

Single click on edgeLevels 4 and 5N/A
Objects and Vignette mode
Displays all the methods that are linked between classes and provides additional actions such as:
  • view source code
  • method information
  • add caller/callees

See User Guide - Using the Method view for more information.

Double click on edgeLevels 4 and 5, Objects and Vignette