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Out of the box, AIP Console will have one PDS library extension predefined. This will ensure that AIP Console is able to recognise PDS dump files provided in the source code configured as follows:

  • with the extension .COPYX
  • Containing Cobol Copybooks
  • With the banner prefix VMEMBER NAME
  • With the left margin set to 1
  • with the line maxlength max length set to 80

You can leave this predefined PDS type as is, or you can delete/edit as necessary.


Use this option to create a new PDS library entry (i.e. so that AIP Console is able to recognise it). The following dialog box will be displayed allowing you to configure the entry:

Fill in the fields as required. A description of each field is listed below.

Library extension

The file extension of the PDS dump file, for example COPYX. Composite extensions are also supported, for example those containing dots such as XXX.YYY.


The following characters are not supported in this field: \/:?"*<>| 

Library contentThis option enables you to choose the content of the PDS dump file that will be extracted - i.e selecting Cobol Program will extract only files that are Cobol Programs. Filters are based on file extensions and are those that are accepted by the Mainframe Analyzer.
Banner prefixIndicates the left hand part of the banner in the PDS dump excluding the member name. This determines the start of each member - this is used by AIP Console to identify each member.
Left marginIndicates the line column(s) in which system characters are present. This column (or columns) are ignored during the extraction and are not transferred to file.
Line maxLengthFor each member line that will be extracted, this value indicates the line max length that will be retained during the extraction to file. Any characters that are located in the line beyond the line max length will be ignored during the extraction and packaging process and are not transferred to file.

Click to edit the selected entry.

Click to delete the selected template.