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Download the document template from here Architecture_Context_Diagram_appName.pptx 

The template contains an example, shown below, of what is required.   If an equivalent diagram already exists which shows what is required then provide that instead of creating a new diagram.


Create the diagram in the template as explained below.


  1. The logical components of the application i.e. Internet, common, and Intranet.
  2. The logical flow through the various technologies e.g.  JSP (Entry) calls Struts Action Servlets (intermediate) calls Struts Action (intermediate) , calls Spring Bean (intermediate), calls DAO (intermediate) , calls database (end).
  3. Entry and End (Exit) points, and intermediary processes of the application. Entry and End points are explained below.
  4. Application Boundary marked in red
  5. External logical components outside the boundary

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