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Implementation Points form part of the AEP measure. The second step to compute AETP allows to align Implementation Points (IP) with Function Points in order to provide consistent values for AETP. An Equivalence Ratio (ER) is then calculated to weight the Implementation Points for Artifacts belonging to the technical part of the application:

  • ER = AFP / IP func
  • AETP = ER x IP tech

See also CAST Automated Enhancement Points Estimation - AEP.


It is possible to "extend" CAST AIP with an extension to provide additional analysis and measurement capabilities both for technologies that are not supported "out-of-the-box" and for technologies supported in CAST AIP. Additionally, extensions can simply be any add-on (for example a custom Assessment Model) that has been built by a third-party.


  • IP tech = Σ EC tech (for added, deleted, and modified Artifacts)
  • IP func = Σ EC func (for all Artifacts)

See also CAST Automated Enhancement Points Estimation - AEP.

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