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Note about Automated Enhancement Technical Points (AETP)

AETP is the count of added / modified / deleted technical points, which are calculated based on the added / modified / deleted technical objects (i.e. objects which are not part of any transaction). In other words, AETP summarize the evolution performed in the application, but outside the functional scope (these objects are not taken into account in the functional points, so the new AEP measure introduces the concept of "technical points" to assess the enhancement done in these types of objects).

AETP data is not available when the EFP measure has been used to calculate the snapshot.

From CAST AIP ≥ 8.3.26, in order to provide greater accuracy, the calculation of AETP values has been modified. Previously, all added/deleted/updated AETP detail values between 0 and 1 were calculated with no decimal places, effectively giving the impression in some circumstances (when all added/deleted/updated values were below 1) that total AETP = 0. This behaviour has been changed and AETP detail values are now considered to two decimal places for added/deleted/updated. In addition AETP total values will now be rounded up as follows:

Real value

New rounded up value


Prev. / Next buttons

It is possible to see data from a previous/next snapshot by clicking the Previous or Next buttons - data in the panel will refresh automatically.