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The CAST Report Generator can be configured to work the following combination of CAST AIP warRestAPI/CAST Dashboard Services:

CAST AIP war RestAPI versionDashboard Service versionReport Generator 1.4.xReport Generator 1.3.0
1.6.x (standalone)≥ 7.0.9(tick)(error)
8.3.x≥ 7.0.9(tick)(error)
8.2.x≥ 7.0.9(tick)(error)
8.1.x≥ 7.0.9(tick)(tick)
8.0.x≥ 7.0.9(tick)(tick)
7.3.x≥ 7.0.9(tick)(tick)

Note that no
  • Some template reports require a specific release of the CAST RestAPI AND a specific release of the Quality Standard Mapping / MIPS Reduction Index, CISQ Index, OMG-ASCQM Index and OWASP Index extensions. See the relevant Component Documentation for each Report Generator release for more information.
  • No other combination of CAST AIP war and CAST Dashboard Service is supported for use with the CAST Report Generator.

.NET Framework

CAST Report Generator requires the following .NET framework to be present on the target machine. If the required .NET framework is not found by the installation setup, you will be prompted to choose whether you want the installer to download/install it as part of the installation process.