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Summary: This page describes the new features and bugs that have been fixed in the CAST Dashboard Package 1.15.0x.

Content matrix

VersionSummary of contentComments
1.15.0xUI changes:

Can be used with:

  • 8.3.3

Resolved issues

Internal IDCall IDSummaryAffects Version/s

The list of parameters displayed in the dashboard is limited to 1

DASHBOARDS-189221625Cannot see the quality rules parameter values for past snapshots1.14.0
DASHBOARDS-188621588Parameters to be displayed for the QRs even when there are no violations present.1.14.0



IE: Technology drop-down not displaying




Blank page is displaying if you click outside of the server reloading warning dialog box


Updates - Security Dashboard

DASHBOARDS-1817: UI updates for the Exclusion (Active/Scheduled) View

Few aspects of the Exclusionare updated to provide a better end-user experience:


Return to the very first page of violations.

Go back one page, depending on the number of violations chosen for display.

Go forward one page, depending on the number of violations chosen for display.

Go straight to the very last page of violations.

DASHBOARDS-1872: Parameter values for last snapshots and when there are no violations

Parameter details

Clicking on Rule displays parameter details section (along with other sections violations, computing details & Rule documentation). This section displays the parameter name, technology, and value for the selected rule.


This section displays a message "No parameter details available" if the selected rule does not have parameter details.

DASHBOARDS-1894: Update the RG (1.13.0) tags in Dashboard

Following reports are added in Security Reports category:

  • PCI-DSS-V3.1 Detailed Report
  • OWASP-Mobile-2016 Detailed Report
  • OMG-ASCQM Security Detailed Report
  • OMG-ASCQM Detailed Report
  • NIST-SP800-53R4 Detailed Report
  • CWE Detailed Report
  • CWE (2019) Top 25 Detailed Report
  • CWE (2011) Top 25 Detailed Report
  • CISQ Security Detailed Report
  • CISQ Detailed Report

DASHBOARDS-1836, DASHBOARDS-1895: Source and application name in audit trail log

Source (Client) and application name are now included in the audit trail log file.



'Source' and 'Application' fields are added to the existing restapi.audit.log file format.

DASHBOARDS- 1945: Filter parameter details based on selected technology

The technology filter applies to the parameter details section. This section displays the parameter details for the selected technology.


"No parameter details available for selected technology" message will be displayed if the parameter details are not available for the selected technology.

DASHBOARDS-1897: Rows per page selection in the Action plan table

Select all will select only available rows in the current page.  


DASHBOARDS-1577: Search feature for module selector 

The search feature is now available in the module selector.  On search, available modules will be displayed in the module selector.