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You can find out more information about this support in Mainframe - Technical notes.

CAST Database Extractor

The CAST Database Extractor now supports:

  • (by reference) the extraction of schemas on Oracle 18c and above in line with Oracle's updated release cycle, however the extractor will handle the schemas as Oracle 12c schemas and no new syntax or features introduced in these newer releases is supported. 
  • Case sensitive passwords (introduced in Oracle 12c R2).

User Input Security related

Rule documentation changes

For several User Input Security related rules, the Total field has been updated to state "Number of potentially vulnerable methods" instead of "Number of methods calling user input methods". This is to better reflect what is returned by the rule. You can see details of these changes in Assessment Model updates in the chapter AIP 8.3.15 - 8.3.16.

SAP / ABAP rules

"CX_ROOT" should not be used in TRY .. CATCH.. ENDTRY block (8412)