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You can share your extension by uploading it to the CAST Extend website using a command line utility called NuGet.exe - you can download this utility free of charge from CAST recommends using a batch script to run the upload - this script should be run from outside the folder containing your extension. An example is shown below - please adapt this to your environment:

Code Block
nuget.exe push com.castsoftware.uc.nameoftheextension.nupkg <apikey> -Source


nuget.exeFull path to the nuget.exe utility
pushUpload the extension


Full path to the extension in .nupkg format
Your unique API Key. This key uniquely identifies you as a registered user on the CAST Extend website. You can find your API
Key in your account profile. See CAST Extend website
key in you user profile in the CAST Extend website:

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-SourceThe URL of the CAST Extend website:


Running the batch should result in a successful upload as follows:

Code Block
Pushing com.castsoftware.uc.angularjs.1.1.0.nupkg to ''...
  OK 4371ms
Your package was pushed.