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The Version page enables you to manage all aspects of your Version.

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Version nameFieldDisplays the name of your Version. You can modify the name of your existing Version in this page if required:
  • When working with a CAST AIC Portal > Following a change of Version name, you need to use the Deliver action to force the change to be uploaded to the Source Code Delivery Folder.
  • When working directly from the CAST Management Studio > The change is implemented when you use the Save action.

The new version name can then be seen in the CAST Management Studio (Application editor > Delivery tab) after using the Refresh option. For other Delivery Managers working via the CAST AIC Portal, a Refresh/Refresh All will be required so that the change is downloaded to their local CAST Delivery Manager Tool workspace.

Note that you can only change the Version name when the Delivery State of the Version is:

- Not Delivered - Delivered (only when working directly from the CAST Management Studio)

View delivery reportThis option will generate an XML based report listing all items in the delivery, for example:
  • Projects found
  • Project removed
  • Alerts
  • etc.

The report will open with the default application assigned to open XML files. The report will only contain information once the Package action has been run.

This report is to be used to check the delivery.

Internal UUID

For internal usage. This value represents the path of the version folder, relative to the data directory of the Delivery folder. It speeds up access to the correct location in the Delivery folder.

Delivery StateDisplays the status of the Version. Please see Version status for more information. This field is read-only.
Copied from versionIndicates the Version that was copied to create the current Version - if applicable. See Add a new version for more information. This field is read-only.

If no previous version is displayed in this field, then you either have only one version, or you have chosen not to base your current version on an existing version (see Add a new version for more information about this).

Version dateDisplays the Version's date of release as specified when you add a new version. This field is read-only - it is not possible to modify the date of release.
Content stateIndicates the status of the Version's content. For example:
  • No package > The Version does not contain any source code packages. You need to Add a new package.
  • Not packaged > The Version contains source code packages, but they have not yet been packaged.
  • Packaging successful > The Version contains source code packages and they have been successfully packaged.
  • Packaging successful with X alerts > The Version contains source code packages and they have been successfully packaged, however some alerts were raised during the Packaging process. Please check the Source Package - Package Content tab for more information about the alerts.
Action requiredIndicates what CAST suggest you do next based on the content of the Current state column.
First Package DateIndicates the date and time the Version was first packaged. If the Version has not yet been packaged, then nothing is displayed. This field will always show the very first date/time the package action was run on the Version - even if multiple package actions have been run.