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Summary: this page describes how to migrate CAST AIP schemas installed on Oracle Server and Microsoft SQL Server instances over to CAST Storage Service (CSS) / PostgreSQL.


If you have installed your CAST AIP schemas (Analysis/Dashboard/Management Services) on a commercial RDBMS such as Oracle Server or Microsoft SQL Server and you wish to migrate these existing schemas to CSS then CAST Storage Service / PostgreSQL then CAST has created a tool specifically to do this for you. The tool will:

  • migrate a triplet of CAST AIP schemas (Analysis/Dashboard/Management Services) and their entire contents to CSSto CAST Storage Service / PostgreSQL
  • migrate one single CAST AIP schema and its entire contents to CSSto CAST Storage Service / PostgreSQL

You can use the tool in GUI mode, or in CLI mode. Each mode is explained below.

The tool relies on the presence of an XML based configuration file (called configuration.castmigration) which provides the "instructions" about what needs to be migrated and configured the source RDBMS and target CSSCAST Storage Service / PostgreSQL. This needs to be created before using the tool.


The tool supports the migration of any type of CAST AIP schema (Analysis / Dashboard / Management Services) installed on an Oracle Server or Microsoft SQL Server with CAST AIP 7.0.x and above to a CAST a CAST Storage Service (CSS)/ PostgreSQL.


Note that:

  • Measurement Services can only be installed on CSSCAST Storage Service / PostgreSQL, therefore they are not part of the scope of the tool.
  • Once a CAST AIP schema has been migrated to CSS to CAST Storage Service / PostgreSQL with the tool, you must ensure that you use it in conjunction with the same release of CAST AIP as prior to the migration. In other words, if you want to use the schemas with a new release of CAST AIP, you must follow the standard CAST AIP Upgrade instructions.
  • Migrations to CSS1 are not supported.

Supported CAST Storage Services/PostgreSQL

CSS 1 / PostgreSQL 8.4.x(tick)
CSS2 / PostgreSQL 9.2.x(tick)
CSS 3 / PostgreSQL 9.6.x(error)

configuration.castmigration file