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Validate the analysis results

After the analysis is complete, you can check and validate it. AIP Console provides various ways to validate the results.


There are many rules on security for various languages and frameworks that do not require the dataflow analysis.


The Transactions page shows you the number of transactions that were identified and the proportion of them that are not valid.

A transaction is an end-to-end call graph, starting from an entry point (very often it corresponds to a UI element) until data storages and/or API calls. An invalid transaction does not reach any end point. Normally, you should have a low percentage of invalid transactions.


The FP count should not be zero for Transactional Functions and for Data Functions. In addition to that the number of AEP for the functional part of the first version (AEFP) must be equal to the total number of FP.

Accessing Dashboards

After the completion of successful analysis, you can see the results in Dashboard.