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You can modify the remaining seconds before a login is required by editing the following files:

Code Block
Health Dashboard: %CATALINA_HOME%\webapps\CAST-Health\portal\resources\cmp.json
Engineering Dashboard: %CATALINA_HOME%\webapps\CAST-Engineering\engineering\Security\security\resources\ced.json

Add the following line in the opening {"configuration" parentheses, where xx = the number of seconds you want to define before a login is required:


For example, 30 seconds has been defined:

Code Block
    "title"configuration": "Health{
Dashboard",     "defaultLanguage": "English",
    "description": "To configure new language for application, define customLanguages as [{'label': 'languageName', 'value': 'localeFolderName'}]",
    "customLanguages": [],
    "horizontalScroll": false,
    "requestAccess": false,
    "appMarqconfirmLogout": falsetrue,
    "failedRatio": false,
    "confirmLogout": true,
    "persistNavigationFilters":trueviolationsCount" : 5000,