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A bug has been discovered which is causing the transaction status in the CAST Transaction Configuration Center to remain as unchanged, even when objects are JCL Jobs, JCL Data Sets, and JCL Steps are deleted from the call path. This was due to the fact that a checksum value was never calculated for these specific Mainframe objects (JCL Job, JCL Data Set, and JCL Step) therefore any changes to them were effectively ignored by CAST AIP. This behaviour has now been changed and checksum values are now calculated for JCL Jobs, JCL Data Sets, and JCL Steps, therefore after an upgrade to CAST AIP 8.3.7 and the generation of a post-upgrade consistency snapshot on the same source code, results may be impacted.:

  • EFP values may increase: objects that are now given checksum values will be recorded as "added"
  • Transactions may change or new transactions may appear

Mainframe CICS

SCRAIP-33007 and SCRAIP-33068